The Vibes of Summer

The Start of Something Great

Chido took summer to a whole other level this year. 
We mean it when we say it was a summer to remember. This summer was all about turning the lights back on and re-opening New York. After a difficult year in lockdown, we came correct to remind everyone that it’s that time again to let loose.
Summer started off strong with the Chido x Club Rudy's Kick off party at Ruschmeyers!
We reopened Montauk, NY on Memorial Day with Club Rudy’s at the infamous Ruschmeyers Bar. Talk about a sight to see. We had 500 people lined up at the door before it even opened. It was like the people thought it was first come first served. Ha. Nope, we’re here to celebrate all day. 
The energy flowing through the crowd was impeccable. We dismissed the rumors: Are Montauks Party Days Really Over?
Absolutely Not. This is just the beginning.
Don't believe us? Watch this: 
Next up, the first annual Whalebone Golf Tournament.
Chido became the swing oil of the summer. Golfers enjoyed our refreshing cocktails at the Montauk Downs alongside The Long Drink & Chippo.
Players lined up on the 9th at 9am on July 27th, to support Youth on Course: A rewarding organization that reduces the barrier for young people looking to get involved in the sport of golf. Youth on Course grants players access to over 1,500 golf courses for $5 or less, giving youth the opportunities to learn lessons that can be taught on a golf course.
The day continued for a backyard BBQ at the Boneyard to recharge these hungry golfers. After some amazingly delicious smoked BBQ and a couple more Chidos, we can say this was a perfect end for a killer summer day!
Getting back into the game this August, we hosted the First Annual Chido X Malbon Invitational at Nassau Country Club. 
While visiting the home of the original Nassau Bet, Chido made sure this event was a match you’d love to return to. 
Special Shoutout to Malbon GolfTaylormade, & Dos Hombres Tequila for partnering with us for this event.
You can read more about this day in our Chido x Malbon Blog.
We got back to business in August at Seltzerland in Brooklyn, New York. Seltzerland rounds up the best hard seltzer brands in the industry to create a festival of fun tastings. 
Our first Seltzerland was definitely a success and we look forward to attending more across the country. 
Last but not least, our last hurrah was celebrated with our all white party at Ruschmeyers for Labor Day Weekend.
There is truly no party better than an all white party in the Hamptons. If you know, you know.
The bar was packed with people simply living their best life and enjoying some Chido with friends. There was everything from dancing on table tops in the bar to games out on the lawn. 
We had an epic summer here at CHIDO, and we hope that you can say the same. 
While the New York season is slowly coming to an end here, we’re getting ready for winter in Florida. 
As the seasons change CHIDO plans on staying the same. We’ll be hosting exciting new events throughout the year, so make sure to stay up to date with us here on THE WAVE and Instagram
If you can’t make it to an event you can always shop CHIDO here, and live your permanent vacation from home!

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