Chido Live at Seltzerland NYC

Day drinking with the dopest new brand in the game; You shouldn’t have missed this!

The Chido Team took on Seltzerland New York City by storm this summer, and we were so excited to be a part of the action! 

Seltzerland rounds up the best hard seltzer brands in the land for one epic day dedicated to bubbly brews that everyone couldn't get enough of. If you missed it this year, we genuinely feel bad for you! 

Attendees had the option to choose from 30+ hard seltzers, indulge in mouthwatering munchies, and bust out the ‘gram for some of the most insta-worthy moments. 

With a bustlin’ DJ playing all day long, it set the scene for a high-flown day of drinking. Featuring all the seltzer favorites that you can imagine from White Claw, Mike’s Hard, Coors Seltzer, Buzz Balls, VIDE, Day Chaser, Vizzy and more… Talk about seltzer Heaven! 

(Chido was obviously a crowd favorite!)

Seltzers are becoming a new lifestyle trend in the beverage industry, and we know they’re here to stay! 

What’s not to love? Low ABV, low calorie, and all natural ingredients. Let’s not forget to mention that Chido uses authentic premium blanco tequila. That's right! Real alcohol, over the traditional malt liquor seltzers.

These seltzerlanders went crazy over our canned tequila cocktails! We sampled cases on cases of our flavors to everyone who came, and we’re still amazed at all the hype we received.

In total we went through over 30 cases of all of our flavors, and free merch including our signature cotton candy hoodies, Chido bucket hats, and beaded bracelets. Who doesn’t love SWAG? “Stuff we all get. I basically decorated my whole condo for free with all my SWAG!” -Micheal Scott

Chido set the precedent for the event with a constant vibe and party all day. 

“Oh my god, Can we stay here the whole time?!”
 - Seltzerlander

If there is one thing we know how to do here at Chido, it’s fiesta baby! This party filled day featured shotguns, chido chug contests, corn hole and positive vibes, it was the place to be for all. 

Our most hilarious moment in Chido History goes to the group of guys who busted out the classic shotgun on our cans. Don’t worry guys, we promised to keep you anonymous! Glad to see you guys still have it down, well beyond your college years.

This was an experience like no other, and we can’t wait to see everyone again next year!

“The Best Booth, with the Best Vibes” 
- Seltzerlanders

Seriously, we can’t thank everyone enough for the good vibes all around. The smiles on everyone's faces at our booth made seltzerland the place to be for the next years to come! 

We received such awesome feedback from everyone and can’t wait for you to see what’s in store for Chido!  

If you didn’t have the chance to join us this year at Seltzerland, don’t get your bikini bottoms in a twist! 

Summer doesn’t have to end on September 1st, you can still try Chido at home.

Online orders are available to ship nationwide, click here to order yourself a case today and crack open a can of summer with your friends all year long!

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