CHIDO presents the first Annual Malbon Invitational

Held at Nassau County Club

CHIDO and Malbon Golf came together this summer to host the first annual Malbon Invitational at Nassau Country Club.  

This invite only outing ended up being a great day to grip it and rip it, with some serious bites, and stellar drinks for golf lovers as well as, tequila lovers alike.

Stephen and Erica Malbon, the LA couple behind Malbon Golf themselves came to bring on the action. The Malbon Golf Club is an invite-only golf and social club. The MGC hosts exclusive monthly tournaments at clubs all over the country that cater to professional athletes, entertainers, artists and creatives alike. 

Other sponsors of the event included famous golf brand Taylormade and the notable Dos Hombres tequila that is quite popular for their fragrant mezcals.

 Let’s not forget to thank Cavita CBD for setting the vibe with their refreshing CBD infused drinks all day!

Nassau Country Club is a private country club established in 1896, that is nestled on the North Shore of Long Island in Glen Cove. 

It was such an honor to have this event at this astonishing country club that was founded nearly 125 years ago. Let alone rich in history, being the original home of the Nassau bet.

 Divised by prominent member J.B. Coles Tappan, the system sprouted from the embarrassment members would face in vogue magazine back in the day for their defeats in inter-club matches. Objecting to the taunting of defeat, J.B. created the Nassau bet. A gentlemanly way of playing that allows a player to regain his game on the back nine for a chance to gain a tie.

The golfers who participated in this all day tournament came fully prepared to bring epic energy and enthusiasm to the game we all know and love. Making this Invitational an action filled day with plenty of positive vibes to go around.

Just to add a little bit of spice to this outing we gave attendees a chance to win $5,000 with a hole-in-one at Hole #10. We were secretly hoping everyone would be drunk by this point (and we were right.) The suspense at this hole was just one you had to be there to see!  

Regardless, the pre-round festivities featured the epitome of excitement and lively entertainment from NYC based DJ Sinatra

We started off strong with stretching booths to get these athletes all warmed up. Followed by an impressive putting contest where we witnessed some of the most thrilling flushers in the Short Game area. We even set up a chido photo booth to capture the happy faces all around and the most important part of the whole day, the Chido Bar (we all know what everybody really came for!)

We just can’t leave out some of the legends who came to be here and participate in the tournament including the team from Golf Digest. 

The Dopest Golf and StreetWear Brands

Eastside Golf, the collective lifestyle golf brand who’s mission is to raise awareness, inspire the culture and promote the diversity around golf among youth and non golfers, so they can utilize and apply the morals and values it has to offer in order to better themselves and change their lives.  

HypeGolf, One of the subdivisions of HypeBeast. They carry over 200 carefully curated brands, which offer everything from apparel, footwear, accessories, prints and tech goods. Their golf blog helps you stay up to date on the latest stylish, innovative, and creative apparel trends happening in the golf world.  

Noteworthy Players Who Tore Up the Greens

Wes Paterson (@wespaterson) is a GIS LD World Champion-Semi Pro Golfer and Team USA long driver. 

Kevin Leong (@yellowkidslanty) head of the creative department at 300 Entertainment. Kevin oversees everything from branding and website development, designing and producing artist merch, and accessories while conceptualizing photoshoots and visualizing album art.

 Nate Crosby Jr. (@natecr0sby) is one of the board of directors for the Palm Beach County Golf Association. He is an ametuer golfer with aspirations to become the 3rd consecutive generation of his family to participate in the U.S. Amateur Championship (Bing 1940, Nathaniel Sr. 1981).

Harvey Newton-Haydon (@harveynh) owner of customer service, a company on the mission to remove barriers that black people experience getting access to or staying connected with emotional health care and healing by donating profits to  BEAM (black emotion and mental health collective.)

@jesusofgolf aka - Golf Jesus a popular avid golfer on instagram who has an uncanny resemblance to Jesus. He actively promotes and participates in Tours all over the country. 

Mordechai Rubinstein (@mistermort) a popular NYC photographer and stylist, who gained popularity over his street photography, which captures the beauty in the everyday outfits of everyday people. 

Andres Vargas Titus also known asDres the american hip hop artist from popular duo Black sheep, based in Brooklyn, NY.  

David Prutting (@dxprutting) the co-founder of BFA. a global leader in the event photography, videography & social media services business. With a highly talented core staff, and network of highly trained content creators.

The CHIDO team had such a great time being a part of this fun-filled outing. We served up plenty of our canned cocktails to go around to all of the thirsty golfers throughout the day. 

It was such an amazing experience partnering up with Malbon Golf to Host this event. We can’t believe the comradery among athletes, and everyone involved. We’re crushed all the excitement had to come to an end. However, we’re looking forward to many more CHIDO invitationals to come throughout the year!

For more updates on where CHIDO is going to be next, check us out on instagram @drinkchido. While we have you here, don’t be afraid to join the CHIDO fam and sign up to get exclusive discounts right to your email!

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